Jenny’s March Update

Jenny Pville
Jenny – Porterville, 1968

Sunday, March 31, 1968

In March I kept busy studying for several tests in my college classes.  I spent almost every weekend with friends either at my apartment in Fresno or visiting them out-of-town.

Our close friends, Mickey and Larry, became engaged sometime in the Spring of 1968.  I went to Porterville (their hometown), for two weekends during March, to congratulate them and celebrate this happy occasion.

Gus, our Siamese cat, ran away again!  After I put an ad in the Lost and Found section of  The Fresno Bee newspaper, he was returned to me.  He was always running away and getting into trouble, but somehow I managed to rescue him and get him back each time.  Gus really was a good cat, and we loved him.

Steve and I continued to write to each other every day.  He sent me some Vietnamese perfume, earrings, pajamas, etc., as well as many photos and two reel-to-reel tape recordings.  Since we had been living apart for three months already, we were both getting excited about the prospect of R&R together in Hawaii, possibly as soon as May!

In the evening of March 31, I watched the national TV news broadcast of President Johnson’s announcement of his latest Vietnam policy:  the U.S. would temporarily halt its massive bombings of North Vietnam in hopes of starting peace talks with Hanoi.  At the end of his speech, Johnson stunned Americans by declaring he was not going to seek and would not accept his Party’s nomination for re-election.  Honestly, it was very shocking, especially since no one was expecting this final decision from him then.

Gus in Cupboard – Fresno Apartment

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