Mess Deck Foundation

Thursday, March 21, 1968

The construction crew worked fast. The foundations of the mess deck and cook’s quarters we’re poured and now dry. Reb had planned to lay out lines in our quarters, dividing it four ways so each of us would have an 8’X8′ space for personal use. This would leave extra room for a card table and chairs as a community shared area. As it turned out, the Seabees laid the lines out with “expansion joints” in the concrete floor.

By the end of the day, everything was framed. Another flatbed truck arrived with the pre-fab truss and rafters which would be assembled tomorrow. We salvaged every piece of available 2″X4,” but the Seabees we’re very efficient, and there wasn’t much waste.

The base of our shower was in place, and the Seabees foreman was admiring our work. He asked a lot of questions and was concerned about filling the 50-gallon drum with water. Our plan was to build a ladder and haul it up with water cans (Hua would be the water bearer).

Everything was happening so fast . . . I took a break and wrote to Jenny about the developments on hill 65. Also Top Culverhose had given me a heads up regarding the R&R roster coming out next week. I was one slot above him on priority, and he wanted to know if I would select Hawaii for May or wait until June. I told him yes for May but would need to confirm with my wife because of her classes at Fresno State. I included this information in my letter and would keep her updated.

Next Edition: Mess Deck Completed

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