Weekend Guests

Larry in Tustin
Larry Sullivan – December 1967

Our good friends, Mickey and Larry, came to visit for the weekend. Mickey was a bridesmaid in our wedding and Jenny’s former roommate at Fresno State. Her boyfriend, Larry, had a lot in common with us and we enjoyed his company.

Larry was really involved with photography as a hobby, and we talked a lot about cameras and film. He devised a portable darkroom in his house to develop his black and white photos. We both had 35mm SLR cameras, and I was learning how to use the new Petri 7S I had purchased from the PX. The camera had no “auto” settings, everything was manual and there were no batteries. I hoped to do some photography while in Vietnam.

While taking some shots out by the pool, Larry commented on some noise he heard in the distance toward the local Modjeska foothills. It was coming from the Pistol Range at El Toro. I could tell by the cadence that it was a re-qualification. I showed off my fancy hearing protection gear (earmuffs) acquired from the flight line. Without ear protection, every shot would ring. Ringing meant ear damage.

Jenny and Mickey went shopping, but we were all too poor to spend much money. They returned with popcorn (Jolly Time) which was our favorite inexpensive snack. Popped in a kettle on the stove, buttered and salted, we consumed large bowls of it as we played Tripoley with pennies.

Jenny had purchased a jar of “Trader Vic’s” Tom & Jerry Batter, and we kept busy with our game late into the night. It was a popcorn, dark rum and Tripoley Christmas party.


Next edition: White House Wedding

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